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Clicker Tournament
25th March 




Summer is over today! Will it still stay so warm?

Clicker 2018

First Tournament of the Year - Clicker!

25th March 2018, at KKC dojo.

Have you signed up yet? Here's where you get to put into practice what you've been training for!

Those of you who've been to these events will know that it's fast paced and exciting, especially in the team events. Our first one of the year is coming up, and it's Clicker. You'll have started training for this already, and you should be quite prepared come the 25th of March.

Make sure you get your entry in as soon as possible ( to confirm your commitment to the competition and your dojo!

The entry deadline has been changed, and you now need to be registered by midnight of Friday the 16th of March.

Also, due to an upgrade in safety policy, ALL competitors must have a mouthguard, mitts, shin-insteps, and groinguards (for males) and optional (but recommended) breastguard for women. See your instructor if you haven't got them yet.

If you want more information about the rules, you can get short and long versions at the IFKKA website at

I've attached an updated flyer to this email in case you need something for your fridge or noticeboard.

Senior Grading

11th March

The next Senior Grading (for 4th kyu and above) is coming up soon. Talk your instructor about whether you're eligible, and if so, register online at


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