Seminar, Tournament, and Dinner

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Fighting Seminar, Annual Tournament, and End of Year Party


2017 Annual Tournament

Some photos from last year's Annual Championships.

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Sensei Mark Mitchell

Date : Sunday October 22nd
Time : 10am - 2:30pm
Venue: to be determined based on attendance

Entries close at midnight on Thursday 19th, but please get your entries in earlier so we can determine which venue to use - Petersham or Fivedock!


If you intend to do any full contact fighting, or even if you just want to improve your dojo sparring and develop your core for good stances and technique, then this is the seminar for you!


Entries are online.


For IFKKA Members, $20, and for non-IFKKA members it's $30, if you book online before midnight on Thursday 19th October. Booking after that will cost $10 more.


Anyone 11 years and up, all grades, can attend. If you're under 11 but 8th kyu and up, and REALLY REALLY interested, then talk to you instructor about letting you do it.


14th Annual Championships

Date : Sunday Nov 12th

Time : 9:30am - 4:00pm
Venue: National Centre for Aboriginal Excellence, Redfern

This was a great event last year, and it will be one this year too! We've got 4 events for you to participate in - Clicker and Roppon shobu (point sparring) - both individual and teams, and it's up to you to represent your dojo as best you can!

Entries are now open and online at

If you're under 8 years, you'll need a mouthguard. If you're 8 years or older, you'll ALSO need shin-pads, mitts, and for males, a groin-guard. Breast guards are optional, but recommended for teenage and adult women.


IFKKA End of Year party

Date : Saturday Nov 25th

Time : 4:00pm - 8pm approx
Venue: Wills Ground, Earlwood

BBQ, games, and dojo awards! Come one, come all, and bring your friends and family too! Check out some of the pictures from last year's event on Facebook.

The cost $20 for 6-11 year olds, $30 for 12 year and up, 5 years and under are free!

Bookings are online at


I hope to see you there



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Shihan Shah Yussof

President, IFKKA Inc


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