Senpai John doing kata


Karate for adults


Everything said about karate for kids of course also applies equally to adults. However, for adults, there are a number of additional benefits to be had and skills to be learnt.

Karate is whole-of-body training, and it works on both the body and the mind. It develops both the left and right side of the body, and therefore the brain too.

Then there are the basic aspects of self defence. Basic, because nothing is better than avoiding a fight in the first place, either by talking your way out of it, or not being there at all. But for those (hopefully) rare times that these options are not available, there's karate. Regular training shows you your physical limits, extends them, and gives you some tools and tricks to use with these extended limits.

The training is more rigorous than for children because firstly, adults are more capable of extending themselves intentionally, and of course, because there exists the option for full-contact fighting. While not for everyone, some people very much enjoy fighting full-contact fighting because it provides them with a further challenge beyond the dojo (training hall).

For others, the appeal may lie more in doing kata, a prearranged pattern of fighting moves that require both power and grace, and are said by some to be the foundation of fighting skills.

Adult classes usually go for two hours twice a week, and cover ages 12 and up.











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