Joining the IFKKA as a dojo

Dojo owners and operators



If you run a dojo in Australia, kyokushin or non-kyokushin, the same rules apply as for black belts.

In the case of clubs joining the IFKKA, there is also currently a nominal, low, annual dojo fee. Of course, you will also have to learn and teach the IFK syllabus from the start of your membership. All your current students would also have to join the IFKKA which currently is an annual $10 fee (which contributes towards their insurance), and on their first grading, they would also have to join the IFK (one off $20). The IFKKA also pays PART of the insurance for your dojo, pro-rata on the number of students you have.

IFK Honbu (Headquarters) does not interfere with the running of the organisation, as long as the standards of the IFK are not compromised, and as long as the IFK syllabus is observed. Once you have joined, existing instructors will make every effort to bring you and your students up to speed with the syllabus.

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