Joining the IFKKA as a Black Belt

Joining the IFKKA - Black Belts



In accordance with the principles of Hanshi Steve Arneil and the International Federation of Karate, anyone in Australia who is already an actively practising black belt from another Kyokushin organisation or a traditiniol style of karate can be accepted into the organisation at black belt level, subject to approval of the IFKKA Executive Committee and the IFK. There is a one-time lifetime international membership fee charged, currently A$20.00. This is the same fee charged to ANYONE who joins the IFK via the IFKKA.

If you are already dan-graded in Kyokushin in any of the Kyokushin factions, your current grade can be recognised and ratified at the discretion of the IFKKA executive committee. However, you will not be able to grade further without demonstrating a thorough knowledge and command of the syllabus up to the next grade. If you have already got your 3rd dan or higher, then you will not be able to progress unless you can show a thorough knowledge of the the IFKKA syllabus, and by association, the IFK syllabus.

If you are dan-graded in a non-Kyokushin discipline, we may recognise your personal achievements and you might be able to join the IFKKA at shodan level. This depends on the style you have been graded in, and it will have to be approved by Hanshi Arneil. You will also be required fulfil the syllabus requirements before you will be able to grade higher. For the sake of simplicity, many who join often start again at white belt in the dojo, and usually progress through the grades quite rapidly because of their existing abilities. For tournaments however, in order to be fair to other contestants, they usually compete at their skill level rather than their Kyokushin grade level.

It is however IMPLICIT, that in order to join, you must be also be actively training with and as the IFKKA and actively learning the syllabus. You cannot simply join for the sake of adding the IFK black belt to your CV and list of "achievements" (especially since you haven't actually achieved it). You must be fully representing us as one of our yudansha i.e. competing in our name, training in our dojos, and teaching our syllabus to the junior grades.

If you are accepted by the IFK as a black belt and you want an IFK Black Belt certificate and/or belt, a fee is payable that varies depending on the grade, payable in its entirety to the IFK in Pounds Sterling

































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